Assignments Unit 1

Lesson 1 Timeline Models of Atom Build an Atom Site                      Built an Atom Instructions  Atomic Structure – Questions/Answers  Candy Lab – Lab Procedures  Isotopes  Simulation (Atomic Mass)  Isotopes (Average Relative Mass)  Atoms , Ions, Isotopes Project Rubric Atoms, Ions, Isotopes Project Lesson 2 Valence Electrons & Periodic Table  Periodic_Trends_Reference Periodic_Trends_Guide Explore_Student_Journal_Periodic_Trends-Worksheet Ionization Energy  RAFT Activity -Groups in … Continue reading Assignments Unit 1

Materials Unit 1

Lesson 1 Models and Properties of Atoms Models And Properties Of Atoms-PictureVocab Models of Atoms: Reading Science Models of Atoms – Video  Model of Atoms – Video/Notes  CER-Model of Atoms Atomic Structure – Easy read  Atomic Structure Reading Science  Atomic Structure (how to find Atomic number and calculate Mass number) – Video  Atomic Structure (how to find protons, neutrons, electrons in Atoms or Ions) -Video  … Continue reading Materials Unit 1