Materials Unit 1

Lesson 1

Models and Properties of Atoms

Models And Properties Of Atoms-PictureVocab

Models of Atoms: Reading Science

Models of Atoms – Video 

Model of Atoms – Video/Notes 

CER-Model of Atoms

Atomic Structure – Easy read 

Atomic Structure Reading Science 

Atomic Structure (how to find Atomic number and calculate Mass number) – Video 

Atomic Structure (how to find protons, neutrons, electrons in Atoms or Ions) -Video 

Average Atomic Mass – video 

Lesson 2

Interactive Periodic Table 

Valence Electrons and Periodic Table – Video 

Ions – Video 

Electronegativity, Ionization Energy & Atomic Radius

Electron Patterns And Properties Of Elements

Atomic radius – Video 

Electronegativity- Video 

Ionization energy – Video 

Electron Patterns and Element Properties -Vocabulary 


Periodic Table Skills 

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